We have already convinced several big players and keep on growing currently in Europe, United States and South America. Here are some customers that have already publicly disclosed our collaboration:
CarrefourFrance TelevisionsRenault Nissan Mitsubishi
Our customers currently cover the following sectors :
  • Automotive and car manufacturers
  • Bank and Insurance
  • FMCG manufacturers
  • Media and Press
  • Retail
  • Travel and Leisure

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is in our genes, and we have already applied AI algorithms to several use cases and applications, including industrial applications.
We use AI to provide our bot services with high standards of intelligence, with the view to increase both your customer satisfaction and your knowledge about your customers.
We are engaged in continuously improving the way we use AI in an ethical way to reach the highest possible quality and intuitivity of UX with our bots.

Our OneBot Technology

Understanding user's natural language with NLP IA algorithms is of course mandatory for a good user experience. But NLU is not sufficient to make a good chatbot.
Bot conversation capabilities are even more important to satisfy your users. This is our vision since our early beginning and this is where our oneBot technology makes a big difference !
We make bots talk and advise as humans do.
Sample conversation with oneBotTM
Hi, I would like to travel for holidays with my wife and son in South America next July or August.
Good afternoon, I am here to help you book a trip for three persons in South America this summer.
What kind of travel experience are you looking for during this trip ?
Culture and discovery
Sun, beach and rest
Nearly five years of marriage, so I would like to celebrate it together with my wife over there.
Great, several locations are possible, we carry on your travel search and then I will introduce you to my colleague Anna, to organize locally a date with your wife and take care of your son.
Which destination do you prefer ?
Among our benefits:
  • Intelligent context and conversation management for a better user understanding
  • Multiple conversation flows possible at the same time
  • Advising and acting capabilities associated to the conversation
  • Multichannel, easily connectable to your own applications or third-party applications, either voice or text-based, to be where your users and customers are

The Founders